College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Committee on Sabbatical Leaves (CSL)

Committee Organization

  • Dean's Office Liaison: Ben Eggleston, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs,
  • Administrative Support: Amanda Burghart, Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs,


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.4), the Committee on Sabbatical Leave (CSL) shall:

  1. Consider all recommendations for the award of sabbatical leaves to members of the College faculty. The recommendations along with those of the dean shall be reported to the University Committee on Sabbatical Leaves and shall remain otherwise confidential.
  2. Address itself to matters of policy pertaining to the sabbatical leave system and to leaves without pay, and report its recommendations to the dean.

Membership     (last updated July 14, 2020)

Name Department Division Term Ends
(Spring of …)
Claudia Dozier Applied Behavioral Science Social & Behavioral Sciences 2023
Meg Jamieson Film & Media Studies School of the Arts 2022
Marike Janzen Humanities Humanities 2022
K.C. Kong Physics & Astronomy Natural Sciences & Mathematics 2023
Corey Maley Philosophy Humanities 2021
Craig Marshall Geology Natural Sciences & Mathematics 2022
Ben Merriman School of Public Affairs & Administration Social & Behavioral Sciences 2022
Andreas Möller Geology Natural Sciences & Mathematics 2021
Ivana Radovanovic Anthropology Social & Behavioral Sciences 2022
Tsvetan Tsvetanov* Economics International & Interdisciplinary Studies 2021
Molly Zahn Religious Studies Humanities 2023

* This committee member is representing a division other than that of his home department.