College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Committee on the Evaluation of Chairpersons and Directors (CECD)

Committee Organization

  • Dean's Office Liaison: Ben Eggleston, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs,
  • Administrative Support: Amanda Burghart, Executive Assistant for Administrative Affairs,


According to the Bylaws of the College Assembly » (Article VII.B.5), the Committee on the Evaluation of Chairpersons and Directors (CECD) shall:

  1. Review and evaluate the performance of department chairpersons and academic program directors who wish to be reappointed.
  2. Advise the dean of the results of these reviews and evaluations, and make appropriate recommendations.

Membership     (last updated July 5, 2019)

Name Department Division Term Ends
(Spring of …)
Clarisse Barbier French, Francophone, and Italian Studies graduate representative 2020
Nyla Branscombe Psychology Social & Behavioral Sciences 2020
Beth Innocenti Communication Studies Social & Behavioral Sciences 2020
Mechele Leon Theatre & Dance School of the Arts 2021
Stuart Macdonald Molecular Biosciences Natural Sciences & Mathematics 2021
Jeff Moran History Humanities 2021
Christophe Royon Physics & Astronomy Natural Sciences & Mathematics 2020
Linda Stone-Ferrier Art History Humanities 2020
Nick Syrett Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies International & Interdisciplinary Studies 2020
undergraduate representative*

* It is anticipated that, during the 2019–20 academic year, CECD membership will not include an undergraduate student.