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Academic Innovation & Student Success

The Academic Innovation & Student Success team oversees student advising and services, curricular and degree proposals, recruitment and online education initiatives. Two major offices within the Academic Innovation & Student Success team provide the bulk of advising and student services to undergraduates and graduates in the College.

College Advising & Student Services (CASS): Formerly named Student Academic Services, CASS partners with faculty and staff to help undergraduate students achieve their educational and personal goals. College Advising & Student Services also works to protect the integrity of the undergraduate degree programs in the College. Visit the College Advising & Student Services website.

College Office of Graduate Affairs (COGA): COGA works to support the quality, integrity and growth of the College’s graduate programs and the academic and career success of our graduate students.

Holly Storkel
Associate Dean for Academic Innovation and Student Success
Rae Ann Brown
Administrative Assistant
Josh DeBoer
Student Recruiter
Adam Dubinsky
Research Analyst
Denise Farmer
Online Student Success Coach
Director of College Office of Graduate Affairs
Karen Ledom
Director of College Advising and Student Services
Samantha Montague
Associate Director of College Outreach & Online Programs (COOP)
Diane VanGoethem
Principal Analyst